Bicycle rental for the guests of Camping Tussen de Tuinen

From the season 2018 there is the possibility to rent bicycles for all visitors of the campsite Tussen de Tuinen.

There are 10 bicycles available. These can be conveniently reserved.

Due to the costs of bike maintenance, we charge a fee of 2 euros per day per bike for the rental. We think that this price will be very appealing to all interested, as the usual prices in the area are many times higher.

Setting up Wifi for Radius Server with Windows on Camping Tussen de Tuinen

Here you find the instructions how to setup your Wifi Connection on Camping Tussen de Tuinen:

The General Settings for your device are:

Your are connecting to a radius Server via Microsoft EAP(PEAP) over a secured line via WPA2-Enterprise with AES Encryption and user authentification.

For a Windows Computer open the available Wlan-Connection via left click on the Icon in your taskbar. You will find the Wlan Hotspot “Tussen de Tuinen”.

Chose it with the right Button of the Mouse and select “Properties”.

A Window will pop, asking for your settings:



For the tab “Connection” choose: Connect automatically.






For Security choose: WPA2-Enterpirise with AES and check: Store login Informations.






For Security – advanced settings choose a user defined authentication Method with storing login information (802.1X).






Here you will have to enter your given login data (Click on “Store login Information”). E.g. plaatsXY and mypassword.





Keep the other Information on standard Values.








Finally close the Windows by pressing “ok”. If your settings are ok your connection should be established automatically.