The well-known resort of Knokke is also called the Monaco of the north. This is because of the very exclusive cars you can admire on the Zeedijk and belong to the Kingdom of Belgium. They have a villa or apartment in Knokke. And everybody wants to be first grade with sea views. Hence the fully-built coastline, which makes you as a hiker almost impossible to see any of the sea.
Towards Knokke you will find a remarkable nature reserve, “Het Zwin”. A sealed seam that now enjoys international fame as a bird sanctuary. It has a visitor center and is available for a fee. Take your binoculars and camera along and you’ll see the finest birds in their natural habitat.

The Zwin “Het Zwin”: A Birds Paradise

The Zwin on the coast near Knokke is a bird paradise for real nature fans.
Who knows the Zwin from the 80s with its gastronomy and children’s playgrounds will be amazed as the basic idea of ​​a bird paradise has changed.
Take a good photo kit and binoculars to see or photograph the birds in their natural environment. In the museum of birds you learn everything about the birds and their prefered surrounding. The interactive guided tours inspire children as well as the adults.

See this bike route to the Zwin. You will run your bike at the seaside and directly around the birds paradies.

Het Zwin